Which Is Better: wink 1 vs wink 2

Wink Hub in general is a type of device which allows multiple smart appliances in your home to get connected in one app for ease of access. Despite different languages of equipment, the hub will serve as the translators that will make all of them work together. As of today, there are two models produced by the company and people are dying to know what the differences between the two are so that they could decide effectively which one to buy. https://justclickappliances.com/ offers some in-depth insights on wink 1 vs wink 2.

How Do They Differ?

order to provide a good point on the advantages and disadvantages for the wink 1 vs wink 2 comparisons, below are the differences that have been noted between them.

  • Number of Supported Devices – In addition to the devices that are suppo
  • rted by 1, wink 2 now allows LE radio and Thread-capable radio to be connected to the hub. The two are added in anticipation to the future development of smart appliances.
  • Ethernet port – the new generation of hub now has an Ethernet port which allows better connection as compared to the first version.
  • Memory – As compared to the 64 MB offered by wink 1, wink 2 now has 128 MB of memory.
  • Design – For aesthetics concerned individuals, you will surely love the newer model because it is 25% slimmer which makes it easier for it to blend in to your interior.
  • Set-up – wink 1 is set-up manually while 2 offers automatic detection.
  • Price – wink 1 is cheaper than 2.
  • Security – wink 2 now has cryptographic verification which prevents it from being damaged by any types of attacks. It also ensures that it only runs trusted software to avoid breach of security.


Based on the features presented above, it can’t be denied that wink 2 has won the comparison. Although the price would cost you $20 more than the first model, the things that you are going to get back are undeniably better.