Simple Steps to Send a Fax Via Gmail

During the old times, sending some Fax documents are very hard especially if you don’t own a fax machine. The technology of sending fax documents with the use of a computer or online was not possible. You really need to find a fax machine before you can send and it will take much of your time especially if you are in a rush. offers some in-depth insights on fax from Gmail.

However, with the help of modern technology, sending a fax document online is now very easy. You can now send a fax through gmail. You can now use your own gmail account to send these documents. So the question is how? Here are some easy steps.

Before I discuss the steps on sending a fax through gmail, you should know that sending a fax is just like sending a regular with just some differences. First is that instead of using the email account of your recipient, you will need to have his or her fax number. Also, you can use the cover page title within the Subject Section of the mail and the cover page message on the content area of the email. Another thing is that you can send documents to faxed by attaching it to the email.

So here are the steps in sending a fax through gmail. First of all, you need to login your own gmail account. Next is to go and click on “Compose”. After that, the next step is to input your recipient. Instead of using his or her email account, you need to input the fax number of the recipient and add “@’faxprovider’.com” which will depend on what type of document you are going to be sending. There are different fax providers that you can use depending on what document you have; either a word document, an excel document, or an image. Then, you will need to attach the document that you will be sending. And last, after finalizing all the details in your mail, you can press send. You can also check if your document was really sent or not. And that is how simple you can send a fax document.