Rural weddings

A marriage rite is sacred to most because man and woman are bound to live together for as long as they live.  For that, they will raise and bring up a family as husband and wife.  Rural weddings are the same as other marriages, only they are likely to have a wedding without much preparation and celebration.  Rural areas are mostly remote locations that do not have the luxury of urban areas.  Weddings chauffeur london are often conducted by a local government official with a short ceremony.

There might not even be a wedding car for hire in remote areas.  Chances are they would try to find any vehicle that can or will double as a wedding car.  If there is none, they would settle for any animal drawn cart that could pull the couple.


Population of very remote areas can be very small with only a few families.  In such cases they might not even have local officials or a clergyman.  If ever there is a wedding to be held and would want it to be officiated by a recognized person, they might go to the extent to invite the person from a faraway place.  There are remote places that sometimes could not reached by transportation.  Often, that is the reason why remote areas have a very small population.

Small populated places will rarely have weddings because it is possible that they are interrelated.  Of course it is not good to have inter-marriages among close relatives.

Reception celebration

Obviously a rural wedding is a simple wedding that will also have a simple reception celebration.  The reception might even just be held in one of the spouses’ homes.  In most cases, they would be preparing only local food that is available, usually home grown vegetables, fruits and animals.  Setting aside the remoteness of a place, often food available is organic and healthier for consumption.