Finding The Right Person For The JobThe use of aerial drones in Plano real estate industry is becoming more and more popular. In an industry where perspective is everything, stunning photos and dramatic aerial videos of your listings sets you apart from your competitors. It gives you the edge, attracting more buyers. But how do you find the right person for the job? Here are the three things to look for in an aerial drone service provider:

Certification and Insurance

Plano aerial building inspections pilots and their company must be approved and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. They are also required to have insurance, as stated in FAA Section 333 Exemption which is necessary for legal operation of aerial drones for commercial purposes. If you are considering to hire the service of an aerial drone pilot, make sure to ask them to present a copy of their proof of insurance.


Do a simple background check of the aerial drone service company you want to do business with. Ask them to for footage or two of their previous project as well as aerial photos real estates they covered. Are the photos clear and high definition? Do they capture even the most hard to reach areas in their aerial shot necessary for building inspections? How about the videos? Are they shaky? Lastly, ask if they have any incident where their pilots accidentally hit a building or crashed a drone?


You may have found the perfect drone pilot who is certified and has the experience. But what about the equipment they are using? Look for a service provider who uses an HD camera or better, a 4k camera which can zoom in and out. The higher the resolution, the better quality of details you can get.