My 1911, The Best Gift I Got

While I was a kid, I was really enjoyed the movies that involves hunting and war, like those rifles and pistols. And also with those hunting games together with their dogs to track down the wild deer being shot. Well, my dad noticed my fascinationin that area so one day he asked me if I would want to try shooting as he in invited by his friends and he thought of bringing me along as well. I was so excited and that day I was up so early as I have too much energy and wore my best shooting attire. Click here to know more about link.

That was the start of my shooting career and my dad’s friends told him that I have a potential for a kid my age as it is not very often that kids would like and be inclined with shooting. So after that my dad bought me my own equipments and his too and we went shooting on every opportune time and it improved my pistol handling and my marksmanship as well. And in no time, I was making a name in the local shooting arena and I know I am making my dad proud of what I have been garnering.

Finally on my birthday my dad gave me my very own custom 1911 which was really a surprise and I think that was the best gift I got to date which is still very functional till now. It has been with me for so long and we have a lot of experience together and many more competitions to come. My dad even told me that he was sure that he made the right choice when he purchased the custom 1911 for me that day as he knew it would serve me well which it really did and I was the happiest even up to now.