Exploring Personal Injury

Many individuals often associate the phrase “personal injury” with an auto accident. However, if you dig deeper into the matter, there are many forms of personal injury and a lot of people are not even aware of them. They do not know that with the help of a reliable Houston personal injury attorney, the person at fault can reap the consequences of his or her actions. More information on John K. Zaid & Associates on https://zaidlaw.com/.

There are several types of personal injury other than road traffic accidents and the common ones are listed below:

Work accidents. When an employee meets an accident while in the workplace.

Tripping accidents. An example of this is when a person slips on a wet floor where no warning sign is placed.

This can either be physical or verbal assault. Causing emotional and/or psychological distress to a person is deemed as a violation of the personal injury law.

Accidents due to product defect. If proven that the injury to the client was caused by a defective product, the manufacturer and seller will have to answer.

Industrial disease. An example of this would be an employee getting sick with lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals.

Toxic torts. People getting sick due to exposure to contaminated water and/or air. Medical malpractice or negligence. This pertains to injury, accident or even death resulting from the medical errors or disregard by healthcare professionals.

If you believe that you have been in one of these situations, it would be helpful to visit a firm with recommended Houston personal injury attorney such as the John K. Zaid & Associates, PLLC. While it is divine to forgive, it is important to remind the offender not to be careless especially if the safety and wellness of others are at stake.