Choosing The Best Frying Medium

Some oils and fats are more sensitive to heat and may spoil more rapidly compared to the others. This is because of the nature of their composition. It is advised to use fats and oils that are designed for the purpose of frying because it is safer. But which is the best frying medium to use for your best deep fryer. Learn about deep fryer reviews on

There are a number of frying mediums in the market but for you we have divided them into three groups based on their appearance at room temperature.

Solid frying medium

A few examples of this would be palm oil, dripping, and lard. If refined and stored properly, this type of frying medium is generally stable. An exception to this description is the unrefined dripping. This is more sensitive to heat and used at frying temperatures that are lower than normal.
Solid frying fats are dug out of the carton and must be melted out gently before heating it to a frying temperature. If not, these solid frying fats will be burned.

Liquid frying medium

This is easier to handle because all you have to do is pour it. Examples of this type of frying medium would be groundnut and corn oil. Those two examples are the most stable liquid oils but they generally the most expensive. There are other oils and blends of oils that are more economical but they are chemically less stable.

Fluid frying medium

Fluid frying mediums are considered the best of both worlds. It combines the properties of solid frying medium and liquid frying medium. They don’t need special melting before heating at frying temperature because all you have to do is pour it. This is more stable than the normal vegetable oil blends and with this improved stability, it results in having a longer frying life. Take note that this frying medium contains other materials like antioxidants and antifoaming agents.