Charles Rosier’s Summit

Charles Rosier’s career started out in 1996 at Lehmans Brother as a manager for Debt Capital Division, before he joined UBS War burg Investment Bank. His investment banking profession paved way for him for various positions in the market. Because of being an outstanding investment banker, Charles Rosier remained in the market for 15 years now. When Charles Rosier was working at UBS War burg, he managed the French-speaking markets of France, Quebec and Belgium. Charles Rosier was appointed as the Managing Director for Goldman Sachs after accepting the offer in 1999. Goldman Sachs is a big investment bank. You can find more details on Charles Rosier on the site crunchbase.

Charles Rosier also became a partner of BTG Pactual in 2010, an investment bank located in Latin America. Charles Rosier has been an environmentalist who supported Innoveox, wherein he became a partner of the said organization. The said organization has been promoting friendly and pollution free environment.

Charles Rosier also invested at MPOWERD, a company that develops lanterns and other effective energy solutions wherein 25 poor nationsh as already experienced. Charles Rosier has been helping the said company financially. His love for art and culture has paved way to helping an Italian director, and a screenplay writer, and this film which was support by Charles Rosier was so grand that it won the so called Silver Lion award in the prestigious film festival in Venice. Charles Rosier fascination is not only on arts and culture, but he is also an active environmentalist.

He promotes environment awareness and has visited and helped poor countries to develop efficient energy producer. Most of the poor countries he visited is not aware about having a friendly and at the same time cost effective means of having electricity, and Charles Rosier has opened the eyes of the people to adapt to a newer energy solutions. Charles Rosier has also financed several health sectors to do their own research, and because of his help, these health sectors managed to study further on health problems such as depression and heart attacks.