Birthday Love Quotes for Her

Love is the most wonderful feeling in this world.  Finding our true love is like finding the world’s most expensive treasure.  We want to take care of her, protect her, and make sure that she never slips from our hands.  On her special day, let her know how special her existence is. If you are more curious about love quotes for her then you can learn more about it on

1. Happy birthday my love! Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life and to all the people around us.  You are a gift worth to be cherished forever.

2. As you grow older, there may be changes on you physically.  I just want you to know that even if changes come, my love for you will always remain.  Happy birthday!

3. God’s purpose for bringing you here on earth has finally realized, and that is to inspire people around you.  I’m lucky to be one of those who are blessed by you. Happy birthday!

4. On your special day, my gift to you is my true love.  Not just for today, but all the days of our lives.  Happy birthday my Darling!

5. As you celebrate your special day today, I wish you all the happiness in life, just like the happiness you brought to me and to all the people who matters to you.

6. The same day today, a wonderful woman who was destined to color my life was born.  Happy natal day to you my love.

7. Just like a rainbow, you brought color to my life.  Just like a candy, you brought sweetness to our lives.  Our relationship becomes extraordinary, and it’s all because of you.

8. To the person who completes the missing piece of me, happy birthday! Your coming into my life makes my life perfect.  Someone out there may be wishing to have you, I’m just the luckiest that I own you.

9. No exact words can tell you how lucky I am to be your husband.  You light up my life and it makes me really glad.