Artist’s Statement

The human condition has long been an inspiration for creative people. How do we react to our time in history? How do we make sure that we belong? How do we hide our sense of aloneness in group activities? How do we present ourselves within our society?

I create multimedia acrylic works on wood, gessoed canvas and other materials stretched onto a variety of constructed forms, adding additional objects as desired. The images are figurative and feature people and words. Sources for these images come from life and from photos. Frequently, these works include sound and light, which are triggered by a built-in-minicomputer.

My goal is to create empathy between the viewer and the work. Jasper Johns and Francis Bacon have influenced my technique while Northwest Indian ancient myths and compositional influences are an additional guide. I sense a need to redevelop a unity with our environment as they practiced in their time of glory. My purpose is to draw the viewer in and stimulate a reaction to statements that reflect his/her life experience.

The sound consists of layering words with drumbeats and at times fuller instrumental accompaniment. The instruments are created with my synthesizer and the music developed by computer. The sound makes a more complete picture than working with the visual alone and enables me to better engage my audience.

Frequently my pieces are modular and can be assembled in various ways. Recurring Themes include flags, children and boxes.